My name is Stefano and I’m 40 years old and live in Bevagna, a small village near Assisi in Umbria. I have a degree in History of Art. During my studies I have always studied the image: paintings, drawing and photography. I love my job, I love the photography.Wedding reportage: I will tell your story with a natural, spontaneous and emotional photos. Take photos of Bride & Groom interactions with the guest, cheers, speeches, group photos, dances, kisses, smiles, applause, tears.

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“Wedding day”

| Reportage moments |

1) Dressing

During the dressing, I take pictures to the accessories of the bride and groom (wedding dress, jewelry, groom’s dress, necktie, ecc.), bride’s makeup photo, hairstyle and the happy moments with bridesmaids and friends. I usually prefer do not disturb. I don’t like pose and i prefer spontaneous photos.

2) Ceremony

Bride, Groom and guests. As guests arrive to the ceremony, take photos of their interactions with one another as they wait in anticipation for the ceremony to start. When the bride and groom arrive separately, take photos as they get in position for the ceremony to begin and let’s go. During the ceremony, speechs, exchange of rings, smiles, applause, tears are very important situations.

3) Romantic Walking

After ceremony ad before party; we can take a lot of time, for a romantic shooting. If you want !

4) Wedding Party (lunch/dinner and party)

I stay with you and your guests and take photos discreetly. Take photos of Bride & Groom interactions with the guest, cheers, speeches, group photos, dances and first dance, kisses.

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